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Jimmy Hetherington


Jimmy is a keen musician and producer with a fine ear in all genres. Although happy to just record and mix a band, he'll happily get his hands dirty on the creative side of things. Whether it means picking up the guitar, bass, playing a bit of keys, or even putting a few ideas forward. All you need to do is ask.


He has over 20 years of experience as a studio and live sound engineer under his belt. When not in the studio, Jimmy can be found around the live venues in Oxford..... such as The Cellar, The Bullingdon and Oxford O2 Academy.  From time to time, he's even known to get on the road with the likes of Stornoway, Young Knives and Willie J Healey.

Jimmy's most recent clients are Richard Brabin, Self Help, Flights of Helios, Rats Eat Rats, Ephebe, Drama Kids, Crimson Tusk and Brixtons.


As well as studio bookings, He's also still available for live sound, tour work and can help with PA hire.

Feel free to get in touch.



John Halliday


John's big ears are trusted by many, and his skills as a producer are well respected. He has the ability to draw the best from many performers,   and his support abilities for drummers and percussionists are without peer.   His experience as a player, producer, and educator in both touring as well as in the studio, brings much to the recording process.


Stuart Hobbs


Stuart is an experienced songwiter and musician who has worked with many bands and released many records.  As a musican he understands the subtleties and complexites of good arrangements  and structure within a song, as well as the dynamics and sonic qualities on the outside.  Stuart can use both Logic and ProTools with ease  ...he has blue eyes, enjoys stamp collecting and would like nothing more than world peace, ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for the former Miss Glasgow.



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