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Gear List 


Control Room:

DDA AMR24 Studio Console

NEVE 1073DPX 2 Channel Pre Amp

2 x Warm Audio  73EQ

2 x TL Audio 5001 Quad Preamp

Focusrite Pro 56

Focusrite Pro 40

Mac Pro running Logic and Pro Tools,

Native Instruments, SSL, Waves and more. 

SP Acoustics SP1 active monitors

Acoustic Energy AE22 monitors

Yamaha NS10 monitors

Adams A7X monitors

2 x Yamaha SPX990

Yamaha SPX90

TL Audio Dual Pre Amp + Compressor

TL Audio Crimson Channel Strip 

2 x TL Audio 5001 Quad Preamp 

Drawmer 1968 Valve Compressor

Focusrite Voicemaster Channel Strip

and more

Mics we use:

2 x Coles 4030L ribbon mic

2 x SubZero R1 Ribbons mic

Shure SM7B

Shure Beta 91a

Shure Beta 57a (lots in stock)

Shure Beta 56a x 2

shure 57 (lots in stock)

Groove Tube GT57 - Pair

SE Gemini Valve Mic

SE3 Condensers - Pair

Electro Voice RE20

AKG D112

Audix D6

AKG 414 - Pair

Shure KSM 141 - Pair

Sennheiser 606's

Sennheiser 421's

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